24/7 Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Getting to the root of clogged sewer lines. Trees and other bushes can be the source for cracked and clogged pipes, requiring sewer repair. The tree roots are spreading out looking for water, finding your sewer, a steady source of water. Roots get into the sewer through tiny cracks or other openings extending the size as they grow stronger.

Although clay tile pipes are most susceptible to root invasion, newer concrete or PVC pipes are also endangered through the penetration of roots. For years now, builders have been placing newer PVC pipes haphazardly! When roots penetrate your lines and spread though your pipes, they will cause debris to back up and clog the pipe before filling the pipe totally. If your drainage has started to slow down or you hear any noise from your toilet other then the regular flush, you need to take action.

Although tree roots are the number one reason for sewer line damage, there are other ways your sewer line can become clogged or broken. Foreign objects that won’t dissolve can become lodged in the line. Age, general deterioration and extreme changes in temperature over a period of time can also cause a sewer line to buckle or break. And in some instances, a sewer line can be misaligned due to ground shifting or improper installation.

It’s very common for us to snake a drain with our high-powered drain cleaning equipment and we end up pulled out a large pile of hair that has built up way down the line! Another common cause for sewer back up can be poor air pressure which can be fixed from clearing the lines in varies places.

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Sewer Camera Inspection

DrainXpress can provide a video sewer inspection to see if sewer line repairs are necessary. The miniature camera finds out exactly what and where the problem is without the big expense of “exploratory” plumbing. Video inspection can also confirm the structural condition of your lateral pipes. It can tell you if an auger or high-pressure flush can solve the problem, or if more extensive repairs are necessary.

DrainXpress Inc. can clear any clogged drain, sewer line, laundry line and kitchen drain in the Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware and Chester, PA areas!

We offer 24/7 affordable, fast response sewer cleaning services to all Eastern PA with no overtime or weekend charges.

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