Sewer and Drain Cleaning

If you have a blocked or even a slow running main sewer, sink, toilet, tub or any other drain stoppage in your house, give us a call for one low price to unclog any one sewer or drain. We also have specialized equipment such as High Pressure Water Jet, Sewer Video/Camera and industrial rotor machine for heavy and thick roots.

Call us for a free estimate today. We are consistently the price leader for drain cleaning in Southeastern Pennsylvania. If specialized equipment is needed for the purpose of clearing the drain or solving your drain problems the rate of these services will be based off flat rate pricing for the type of clog/backup you have for those services with a 30% discount!


Services Offered:

Electric Drain Cleaning

Electric drain cleaners, also called plumber’s snakes, use the mechanical force of an electric motor to twist a flexible cable or spring in a clockwise direction and drive it into a pipe. Electric drain cleaners are commonly available with cable lengths of up to 100’ and can go as far as 200’.

Advantages of electric drain cleaners include the ability to clean long sections of sewer drain, the ability to remove solid objects such as tree roots and jewelry, Machines using springs can easily negotiate multiple 90 degree bends while maintaining their effectiveness and without damaging the pipe.

If a plumbing fixture is clogged the first choice is normally a drain cleaner that can remove soft or hard obstructions along the entire length of the drain, from the drain opening through the main sewer drain to the lateral piping outside the building. Electric drain cleaners and sewer jetters are intended for this purpose.

Hydro-Jet Cleaning

Hi-Velocity water jet cleaning is an efficient, economical and environmentally safe way to clean drain and sewer pipes. This method uses high water pressure for complete scouring and cleaning of the main sewer line. It is very powerful and extremely effective approach at 3000 psi of water. These machines are perfect for grease build-up removal, breaking up sludge and debris, root intrusion, hardened scale, or that problem main drain.

Video Inspection – Drain Cleaners

Imagine the value in being able to quickly see and find problems in sewers with a video sewer inspection. Our State of the Art equipment allows us to exactly locate the direction and depth of the pipe. Actually looking inside your sewer line clarifies your problems, be they storm drains, downspouts, other connecting lines, or an issue farther down the pipe. Then, by seeing your sanitary lines from the inside, we can help you understand your repair options.

At DrainXpress Sewer and Drain, we are committed to using the best tools available to get the job done right the first time. We use premier pipe inspection tools that can identify and pin-point virtually any problem a sewer line might have. This offers significant cost savings for both residential and commercial clients. With our knowledge and equipment, we can troubleshoot your sewer problems such as tree roots, broken pipes, grease build-up, and mainline sewer back-ups. Our professional plumbing technicians will help you identify the cause of your sewer problems and offer solutions.

A Mainline Inspection Services Examination includes:

  • A video inspection, conducted using state-of-the-art RidgidSeeSnake camera
  • A digital video (DVD) of the examination
  • A written review of the inspection
  • A consultation on potential remedies, including cost estimates
  • Utility Locating Service

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